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Facial Plastic Surgery Associates


Whether you need repair or reconstruction following the removal of a skin lesion or cancer or you want to improve a facial feature or reverse the signs of aging, Facial Plastic Surgery Associates treats patients of all ages and performs all types of reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgery in the comfort and privacy of our Cookeville Surgery Center.


All ENT specialists obtain extensive experience in facial plastic surgery during their years of training. As cosmetic surgeons, we combine our knowledge of the facial anatomy with our acute attention to detail and aesthetics.


We have a passion for artistic perfection and take pride in the extraordinary physical results we have produced for thousands of patients like you.


But more importantly, we love the opportunity to meet your goals and honor your trust by taking the time we need to understand your concerns and design a surgical or non-surgical treatment plan that is just right for you.


Facial Plastic Procedures:


    • Botox injections

    • Eye lid rejuvenation/blepharoplasty

    • Forehead rejuvenation/brow lift

    • Excision & reconstruction for facial skin cancer

    • Scar revisions from trauma or previous surgery

    • Facial and neck liposuction

    • Nose reconstruction/rhinoplasty

  • Skin rejuvenation/chemical peels